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                                            “Prominent Brand of the Year 2017”

                                            On July 19th and 20th, the sixth China Financial Summit was held in Beijing. We won the "Prominent Brand of the Year 2017” and this is our third times to win a prize. The previous awards are the “Best Leader of Responsibility Award in 2015” and “Prominent Brand of the Year 2016” respectively.



                                            As it is widely known, China Financial Summit was founded in 2012, which is a big brand built up by dozens of domestic financial press and mass media. With the aim of looking for the economy trend and driving force of China's economic transformation and development, the summit intends to gather and share business wisdoms through speech, high-end dialogue, deep sharing, brand ceremony and exhibition. In nowadays, China Financial Summit has become one of the most influential ideological exchange platforms in economics.
                                            Premium income has increased steadily these years. We keep on improving our business efficiency and upgrading our customer service capability, which earned us a good reputation and made our brand much more reliable. 
                                            Better Overall Performance
                                            In 2016, we earned a premium income of CNY32.071 billion and this is a 20.2% increase compared with 2015. The net profit of 2016 is CNY1.244 billion. Our market share reached to 3.45% from 3.16% last year in terms of primary insurance premium income released by CIRC. 31 of our branches had profit in 2016.
                                            Up to now, the company has been awarded "A" in the evaluation of the CIRC’s comprehensive risk rating for 13 consecutive quarters. It proves that the overall risk of the company is low and our solvency continues to be above the benchmark. It also shows our excellent management and performance in corporate governance, capital utilization, operational management, information technology management and market behavior etc. “A” is the best grade of the comprehensive assessment. Continuously being rated with “A” reflects the adequate solvency and effective risk controls in daily operation. We are a company with well-constructed management system, effective implementation and steady operation.
                                            Keep on Improving Service Quality
                                            We take our efforts to build up a unique customer service system for our clients. For better consuming experience, we expand our auto telemarketing service on the basis of 95590 hotline platform. We are the second non-life insurance company to have the nationwide qualification for auto telemarketing with customized products. Our website is 4009666666.com and our official hotline is also 4009666666, this gives an easy recognition. We strive to provide more convenient and best price service to our customers. Because of our high service standards, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) approved ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification on our automobile insurance claim service. We have been prized 4 times in "Financial Service Innovation Award in the China Automobile Dealers Industry” and 8 times in “China Best Customer Call Center Excellence”. Our claim service through Wechat and “Four Eras” clam standards won the “Top 10 Best Service Innovations” of the year 2015 and 2016 by China Insurance News.
                                            Brand Strength Escalates Steadily 
                                            In recent years, the company had outstanding performance in various ratings, assessment and campaigns, which is a good reflection of our comprehensive strength and brand influence.
                                            We have been rated “A (Excellent)” for Financial Strength Rating (FSR) and “a” for Issuer Credit Rating (ICR) by A.M. Best Company (A.M. Best Co.) since 2014. Furthermore, the rating outlook is stable.
                                            In Oct 2016, we stood out as "2015 China Market Top 10 Most competitive and Fastest Growth Non-life Insurance Companies” in the competition of “2015 China Market Top 10 Most Competitive and Fastest Growth Insurance Companies” initiated by China Actuarial Institute of Central University of Finance and Economics.
                                            In June 2016, we were awarded "2016 Ark Prize for Trustworthy Insurance Companies” by Securities Times in the first China Insurance Industry Ark Campaign. 
                                            In May 2016, we won a position in the 2016 “China Service” Brand Competition 500 Excellence event organized by China Association of Trade in Services and University of International Business and economics. 
                                            In December 2015, we were prized as “20 Years Wind Vane of China Insurance Industry” in the financial team of the Sixth Brand in Your Life Ceremony held by Xinhua News China Comment Magazine. 
                                            For the future endeavor, we focus on business transformation to build comprehensive business territories. With 3 big strategies, “Client-oriented Service”, “Expanding Industry Spectrum” and “Internet +”, we strive to be better, bigger and stronger and enhance our market position. 

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