Service Commitment

                                            Service Commitment

                                            10 service commitment

                                            We, CCIC, always bear the business philosophy –“Good Faith, Long-run Stability, Value Supremacy, and Social Responsibility” in mind, carry forward the corporate culture –“Briefness, Efficiency, Pragmatism, Compliance”, implement the client-orientated service standard and provide premium insurance service to the customer and the society with good faith. In order to further improve our service quality and protect the consumer rights, we seriously promise our service commitment as follows, 


                                            1、365 days x 24 hours hotline service

                                            We operate the unique nation-wide service hotline 95590 that we can deliver our 24-hours service on reporting a claim, inquiries, complaints, information checking and calling for feedback etc.


                                            2、365 days x 24 hours survey service

                                            We will contact you through telephone in 10 minutes after receiving a loss report, and we will arrange survey appropriately. Our loss surveyor will reach you in 30 minutes if the loss occurred in downtown, 60 minutes if in suburb. Any delay, we will make a reasonable explanation to our clients in advance.


                                            3、365 days x 8 hours loss adjustment

                                            We follow objective, fair and reasonable principles when adjusting the loss, and we do not induce the client to choose repair shops or the spare parts supplier designated by us. We can recommend qualified repair shops (second class or above) to our clients if needed.


                                            4、Only 1 day to settle the claim less than CNY 100 thousand

                                            For auto claim under CNY100,000, only one working day is need after we reach an agreement with the client, as long as the case is clear and the document is complete.


                                            5、Fast settlement and payment for small auto claims

                                            If the loss amount is no more than CNY5,000 without body injuries, we can adjust the loss on site or remotely by WeChat. If the claim document is collected at the site where the loss occurred, the settlement payment will be made timely. If clients take the claim document to our reception desk, we will settle the claim in 30 minutes if the loss is clear with complete document.


                                            6、No need to submit claim document to our office for auto accidents

                                            If the loss amount is no more than CNY10,000 without body injury, the claim document will be collected when adjusting the loss. If clients cannot provide some loss document temporarily, it can be submitted to us through internet, WeChat, or regular mail service. We can even call at your door to collect these papers if needed. Any insufficient documents, we will send a full checklist for you to prepare the claim.


                                            7、Warmth care for human injury

                                            Our service and care include mediation of tiny injuries, hospital visitation, companion of disability identification, first aid guidance and professional consulting services for human injury and litigation. Advance payment can be made on the basis of clear facts and assured loss amount.


                                            8、Nationwide claim service, Get paid at hand

                                            Usually, auto insurance should be bought and serviced by local insurance carrier where the auto is registered. But the accident may occur anywhere. Usually, it is not the same as the registered place. This may give difficulty to claim handling. But we can do one step further. Our wide service network will solve this inconvenience, and we do not charge any extra expense.


                                            9、365 day x 24 hour no loss rescue service

                                            We provide no loss rescue service free of charge to our VIP customers and on-line customers as long as the policy is in valid. On the premise of legal compliance, our service scope includes emergency supply of power, fuel and water, changing tires, troubleshooting, towing and hoisting service. This solution is for non-business auto and family passenger cars with less than 12 seats. Our service areas limited to 100 kilometers from the city center excluding restricted areas e.g. express highway, flyover and tunnel etc.


                                            10、Underwriting and claim information support

                                            Customers can check their policy information through internet (, Hotline (95590) and our business offices.


                                            Welcome your feedbacks. We listen to your advice humbly and keep on improve our service awareness, ability and quality continuously. We aim to give you more premium service and protect your legal rights to make a healthy industry.

                                            Those who do not strictly fulfill their commitments, or violate their professional ethics or work for illegal personal gains in their work should be punished seriously. If you have any clues, please contact us.


                                            Service & Complaints Hotline:95590

                                            Service & Complaints

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